Thursday, November 23, 2006

371.33 Ready...Set..........Go!

This blog has been two years in the the making of my mind that is! I have wanted to do this for a long time and just would not commit. I have been reading blogs of various kinds for over two years and knew this was something I should practice, not just preach and promote.
I think it more than appropriate that I choose to get this site up and running over the Thanksgiving break as I have been reflecting lately on how thankful I am that I am in a position to know and understand this type of technology and all the other 21st century communication tools I have available to me.
So what should you expect to see here?
1. All kinds of school library related information. My work responsibilities include (but definitely are not limited to) working with educational subscription online resources and promoting their use by k-12 students, teachers, and librarians, locating and sharing appropriate websites for and with that same learning community, keeping up with the latest trends and titles in reading materials for k-12 students, and assisting the district librarians in maintaining their collection records.
2. Almost anything of interest I see out and about the various electronic venues I explore regularly. I am generally interested in many things historical---particularly of the United States, more particularly the State of Texas, and of the Western portion of the country in general. Because I have been dabbling in family genealogy for about five years now, you might run into some interesting finds from those explorations of mine as well.
3. And anything else that just interests me so much I want to share it!

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