Friday, January 18, 2008

511.51 Graphing Websites: Fun Math!

Want to know what you blog or other website looks like as a tree graph? Websites as Graphs will do it for you! This is just too much fun!

The different colors represent different aspects of the particular website...and of course the branches are based on algorithm information. I won't even pretend to understand that part!

The top example is this blog and the one below is my very favorite web page! The basic difference in color has to do with one having pictures and the other having none! if you enter the same address more than once, you will get a different tree, but you notice similar parts (the clumps!). and it is very interesting to watch the tree "grow!"

My other blog looks like this .
Found this at Miss Rumphius can see what that blog looks too!

P.S. These are screen shots...the only way I could figure out how to show them to you. You can also go to Flickr and use websitesasgraphs as the search term. Mine will be there...soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

791.53 Puppets: And the Diagnosis Is...

This very morning, my local news station reported that among the new phobias released recently is pupaphobia...fear of puppets!

Maybe that is what I have been suffering from ALL these years that (among many things) makes going into elementary libraries so hard for me. Colleagues and friends have offered all kinds of help...from lending me puppets to introducing different puppets to me from afar in order that I might build up a tolerance to or a resistance to whatever microorganisms that could have been triggering my aversion.

Who's a fear instead! and look, I can go here for professional help and counseling.

Ok, now can we work on the hugging?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

378.1 DKG Meeting: Being With & Sharing With Friends

My Delta Kappa Gamma chapter met today and I was able to attend for the first time in quite awhile. The ladies above represent many of the founding and long-time members with whom I have had the privilege to share some interesting professional and personal moments. Aren't they lovely looking? And even more amazing...there is around 150 years of teaching represented by these five women!

I was asked to talk about Web 2.0 and specifically some about blogging. Many members are retired teachers and some of this was new information to them. We had a light-hearted discussion about blogs and how they represent the "new" interactive sharing of information and learning. We discussed how every one of us in the room qualified as a digital long has it been since you could say that!...and that the students, children and grandchildren we teach, raised, and enjoy are digital natives!

My Library Department is sponsoring a 23 Things professional development and I invited the members present to join us in the fun if they so desired...or at the very least, experience at their leisure, the various 2.0 tools represented. I think I got a few takers and they will enliven the experiences of all involved.

On a more personal level, part of our meeting today was a Remembrance Ceremony held to honor the memory of one of our founding members who passed away in late 2007. Several members who lived with, taught with, laughed with, and loved this person spoke beautiful words about their personal and professional times together. It was very moving to hear their thoughts and feelings. I know I have "school" friendships that have gone way past the "someone I worked with" level and I was thinking about those terrific memories today. I can only hope my friends...both in & outside of DKG feel the same way!

Enjoy your something soon that makes a fond memory!

Monday, January 7, 2008

912 A New Geography Challenge: Knowledge is One Thing, But You'll Need a Fast Finger

Ready...set...go Traveler IQ Challenge

points are based on how close you get to the actual location and how fast you make your choice. Made me dizzy having to think so fast!

I hope it comes thru in district! (it does!...yeah!)
Found thru a blog birdwalk where I ended up on 24Learning

028.6 2007 Cybils: Nomination Finalists Part 2

The rest of the Cybils finalists were released today.

YA Fiction - 7 titles from 123 nominations!!
A lot of discussion about Twight title not being on this list (or even the sci fi/fantasy list of last week)...I know a librarian or two who will not like this result, I bet (but hey, the Meyer's books arewinners on their own!) The Absolutely True Story of a Part-time Indian is a particular favorite of mine based on a couple of book talks I witnessed and all the press I have been reading about this title.

I "read" One Thousand Tracings in the bookstore over the holidays...made me cry!

Graphic Novels - 5 each for the high school level and the elementary/middle school level from 34 nominations

Middle Grade/YA Nonfiction - 45 nominations were narrowed down to 7 finalists.

O, BTW, the awards will be announced February 18th. And if you want to review Part 1 (4 other sets of finalists)

Here is a pdf file of all finalists...includes short description of title.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

92 Jon Scieszka: the "Stinky" Kids' Ambassador

Jon Scieszka has been name the first Ambassador for Young People's Literature, a new position created jointly by the Library of Congress and the Children's Book Council. A panel of five made the selection.
A major portion of his responsibilities will be to visit with children AND parents about the value of reading and books in this time of emphasis on technology. Scieszka does take advantage of the 2.0 world to help promote reading and encourage kids through his Guys Read website and includes girls in the encouragement as well!
I really hope you are at least familiar with his books, if not a fan, as I am. There are currently 25 and many are in Spanish as well! His often illustrator Lane Smith is a kick too...I have never had the opportunity to be around Scieszka, but did get to facilitate Lane Smith's presentation at TLA a few years ago..and it was a hoot. no wonder their books are so much fun!
The next two years surely should be interesting!
Other articles:
NY Times announcement - check out his "newer" photo!
DayLife a group of reports
From the Newsweek article...something I hope I can overcome as well!
Newsweek: Especially now that you're the children's laureate, we need
to make sure everyone gets your last name right. You tell people that it's the
Polish word for "path" and that it rhymes with Fresca. Does that usually do the

Jon Scieszka: That's a good start, but people still butcher it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

028.6 2007 Cybils: Nomination Finalists Part 1

The first four final nominations lists for the Cybils are out.

Science Fiction and Fantasy - 94 nominated books down to 10 finalists divided into 2 groups based on age level.

Fiction Picture Book - from 118 nominations down to these 7 finalists.
Poetry - these 7 were selected from 94 nominations.

Middle Grade Fiction - 8 finalists from a wide ranging group of 75 nominations

I hope you see some of your favorites listed here OR you find some great new titles to add to your collection.
The other four catagories will be released next week (and yes, I will put them up for you!)

The winners will be announced later...(February? March?...I have forgotten!)

P.S. If you are not familiar with the Cybils, take a look.