Monday, December 4, 2006

005.72 Blogging software is not all alike!

This post was originally created Saturday, December 1st. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I will be running parallel blogs from two different sources for the foreseeable future and so I am adding this copy here. I am trying really hard to understand both sources in an attempt to share information with my group. Choose your source, depending on availability!

Although I have been reading blogs for close to three years now, and reading all kinds of blogs, it has been only about a month since I made the decision to actually create one. As with most things in the technology world, there are several levels in blogging programs.

In choosing things in the technology world, for me anyway, it usually means a compromise between what is easiest (or more familiar) and the goal of the project. So in this case of using blogging software, I sacrificed easy and quick in order that the final product be available to the audience for whom it was intended!

Several years ago I moved from one version of a technology to another and survived the transition…I guess! I will with this as well, but it is not near as much fun! It is more like work.
P.S. This version is more like fun!

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