Thursday, February 8, 2007

004.67 Web 2.0: Interesting Explanation

I hope you can see this! If you can't at your current location, please check it out from a different location some time soon! It is a great introduction to the power and usefulness of YouTube. But more importantly, if you have trouble explaining (or understanding) the power of the Web, this could help solve the problem!
It is making the rounds in various blogs so you may have already seen it.

I tried embedding the video in the manner that I have seen at other blogs, but it was too much technology for me to take in all at once. It was more important for me to share the information with any interested readers than have a "slick" presentation at this point. I will learn the "proper" method shortly and will be glad to pass it forward.

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Elisa said...

FYI: You can now go to YouTube and copy the embeding code for your video and paste it on your blog, just like the pictures or widgets.