Friday, March 16, 2007

004.678 Social Networks: A Rating And A Review...of Sorts

Found this chart of social networks at Common Ground and showed it to Daughter #2 who is home on her last Spring Break as a student. She did guess that either MySpace or Facebook would be tops. She and I both were amazed that MySpace holds almost 81% of the market share!

She has been on #5 Xanga for four years and did not even recognize the names of #3 and #4. Of the 20 social networks listed, she only had visited MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal and had heard of Yahoo360 and Friendster.

I had gone to Classmates (and even signed in years ago (5+?)) when it was "free." Didn't know then that I was making a social networking statement! In an attempt to keep up with Web 2.0, I knew about MySpace, Facebook, and MyYearbook. Hummm...8 encounters of the 20 between us. Suffice it to say, we are not into these things too much!

Daughter #2 says she likes Facebook better than MySpace because it is easier to find people. You can look for people by their schools. She visits Facebook every day. She says MySpace is too hard to search to find anyone and only goes there about once a month. She said lots of people prefer MySpace because you can design your layout for your profile. Facebook just has a standard layout that everyone uses. She occasionally gets asked to join the others, but never does. Kinda goes along with her lack of blog posts since August.

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