Wednesday, March 7, 2007

028.6 Cybils Award for 2006 Books: Chosen by Bloggers

The blogging world practiced its social networking in a unique way recently. A group of bloggers came together and created The Cybils Award and honored 8 titles in children's and young adult literature. The categories included Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction Picture Books, Nonfiction Picture Books. Graphic Novels for 2 different age levels, Middle Grade Fiction, YA Fiction, Nonfiction for Middle Grades & YA and Poetry.

At the website you can see all of the nominated titles in each category and short descriptions of the books. The blog creators are also going to include as many interviews of the authors as they can over the next few months. A pdf document listing the nominees and winners is also available.

Another great way to share book information and reviews! Another great selection tool for choosing books your students will want to read!

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Library Girl said...

Interesting list! I will use it! Of course, I had to check for anything by Stephenie Meyer on the list, and there, nominated under Fantasy/Sci-Fi, was my beloved New Moon. Now, I trust the list even more. ;)