Sunday, April 22, 2007

025.2 Collection Development: An Author's Perspective

Every time I attend the yearly conference of TLA, I come back with huge amounts of information that I have to process and organize in my own mind, much less separate out the parts that I want to share with those in my circle of influence...or any one who will pay attention to my ramblings. And this year is not any different...maybe even more difficult simply because my choice of topics (Library 2.0) to concentrate on was thoroughly and completely covered by very qualified and top-notch speakers. So I am still working thru the pile of notes I have on that subject.

In reviewing my blogroll, I came across Cynthia Leitich Smith's review of her time at TLA. It was interesting to read her account of the same event that I attended and go thru all of the book and author related findings she wrote about. She mentions her book Tantalize and how popular it must be in that it sold out at conference. She talks about the authors it was her pleasure to meet or renew old acquaintances with...the amusing story of being mistaken for another author and meeting Scott Westerfield, an author on the mind of at least one other person I know who attended.

That is one thing to say about attending the country's largest state library conference...there is something for everyone, no matter your major interest or objective. And how great to have the blogging world to share in the various interpretations. It is almost like getting to do the conference more than once...and much easier on the feet!

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Library Girl said...

How did I miss this chick at TLA?! When I was in the Teri Lesene session on Thurs morn., Tantalize was mentioned on Teri's always-great list of YA books to read, and I didn't think to check the author list to see if she was there. Also, she's in my current obsessive genre - vampire fiction - and thus, I'd have loved to have bought one of her copies! Glad we both share a love of Scott Westerfeld! As you said - there's so much to do at TLA that no one can possibly see it all!