Thursday, June 14, 2007

025.1 School Library Administrators: Always Learning Day 2, Part 3

Nancy Kubasek, Richardson High School, Richardson ISD, has come to speak about some ways to use books to create a culture of readers and a reading community thru readers' advisory and paired collaboration with the teachers. She gave us a nice list of YA titles that you will recognize.

She also gave a out a list of 13 booktalking hooks...they are not unique ideas, but it was nice to have them all in one place to review and reflect upon again.

She reminded us about 3-strike rule...if a kid is not connected with a book by three times in the library, he/she won't ask again for help!

From the book Swimming Upstream, a poetry book, she read and commented on the poem about the School Librarian. She replaces "school librarian" with her name!

Books that she is booktalking:
The Red Thread by Townley-- reincarnation, terrible dreams, past lives, a murder 400 yrs. old.

Runner by Deuker -- Chance, a runner who wants to go to college & gets a chance at some easy money. [ a review from Muller in the Middle blog, good place to read about books!]

Desert Crossing by Broach-- 3 friends on a road trip hit something with their car...a body of a girl is on the road. There is a bracelet involved also.

Hand of the Devil by Carter-- Ganges Red, the largest mosquito in the world is featured on the cover. Involves a hole full of body parts [ok JB, I think this is your book.]

Silent Room by Sorrels-- isolation room, a hood over your head, a breathing apparatus is hooked up to you and you are left there until you sign "the papers."...or die!

Dragon's Keep by Carey-- wears gold gloves to cover up deformed hand (one dragon's claw)...if you see it, you have to die. [author interview from Cynsations blog, another good place to read about books]

Peeps by Westerfield-- disgusting and gross! [author podcast]

Masquerade by de la Cruz--vampires!!! and the blue veins in their arms [BL, here's one for you!]

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up by Craft

Right Behind You by Giles-- psychological thriller. Would you kill for a baseball glove? "I set Bobby on fire..."

Buried by MacCready--post it notes

Harmless by Reinhardt-- telling lies

Another program of hers is Classic and Contemporary Connections: Paired Readings
It is geared towards librarians and language arts teachers--collaboration is a MUST with this program. Teachers wanted to solve the "tired" research project problem and the related plagiarism issues. Uses colored post-it notes to mark relationship between chosen book and classic..what is the SAME? She booktalks the contemporaries, but not the classics.
The reviews in Barnes & Noble are acceptable for part of the research about the pairings.

Shattering Glass by Giles matches up with The Lord of Flies, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, A Separate Peace

After by Prose matches up with Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, To Kill a Mockingbird. Island of Dr. Moreau

The Raging Quiet by Jordan matches up with Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible, Scarlet Letter, Color Purple

Truesight by Stahler (being blind in a sightless society) matches up with Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World

Responding to an audience question, Tunes for Bears to Dance To was taken off... the students could not get the significance and get a good classic match.

It's break time....humm, wonder that our treat is?

After a nice popcorn and Dr. P break, we had a business meeting...suffice it to say, it was business and it is done.


Library Girl said...

Hey again, insane blogger! You know I can't not comment on some of those books in the booktalk!
1. I own Peeps, and its sequel, The Last Days, signed by Mr. Westerfeld himself at TLA. I am just waiting to read it when the mood strikes for a bit darker, more scientific vampire story!
2. Masquerade - the sequel to Blue Bloods by de la Cruz, both of which I've already read, and they are FABULOUS in only the way a good teen read can be! de la Cruz, BTW, is a joyful panel speaker. She spoke with Stephenie Meyer at TLA and almost outshone her during the discussions, which was a big deal since everyone was there for Twilight.
Good book talking suggestions! That chick knows her books, I tell ya!

Nancy Pearl said...

I agree with library girl that the de la Cruz books are really exciting! Thanks for working so hard to get this information to us in such a timely manner. :) I really appreciate the booktalking items. Thanks!