Friday, June 29, 2007

371.3 Lesson Plans: The Wiki Way

Came across this wiki full of lesson plans and other resources this week.

It offers users templates to create lessons and activities and then a place to "park" them so others can adapt and use them. It includes some textbook type materials on many subjects and full-text novels from Project Gutenberg as well.

Has very comprehensive FAQs covering its purpose, history (was originally Sun Microsystem's Global Education and Learning Community GELC), and how to join, contribute and use.

Subjects include the arts, career & technical education, foreign languages,
health, language arts, math, science, and social studies. In browsing thru the language arts portion, I came across an interesting price comparison chart to use with Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry...comparing Depression prices with today's costs...easily adaptable to similar books or cross-curricular activity in math. Here is a little "movie" that displays information about force and motion from the science section.

Of course, Curriki (don't you just love that name!) isn't unique in providing support materials for teachers and their lessons...there are plenty of other great sources...Blue Web'N, Education World, FREE, Kathy Schrock's Guide, TeachersFirst. But it will be interesting to follow the growth of this particular format, I think.

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Carolyn Foote said...

I got to hear Dr. Barbara Kurshan who is a guiding part of Curriki, at NECC on panel and was very impressed by her insights and commentary.