Sunday, July 8, 2007

302.2 Communication Power: Why Not Use It?

This week, I was reminded about the power of radio in FDR’s time. 75 years ago he made his first presidential nomination acceptance speech in person…the first candidate to do so…took a plane ride to get there…and it was covered by radio. Of course he made communication history as well with his famous fireside chats.

An of course, many of us digital immigrants can remember first hand all the hulabaloo there was over the Kennedy-Nixon televised debate and the “famous” shadow problem. And how we all were riveted to the TV during those terrible days in November only 3 years later.

So why were “we” so shocked that blogs and other web pages were important elements in the last campaign or two and that this go-round’s candidates are also busy creating digital videos that show up on YouTube or the nearest cell phone!

Why would we expect them not to use the latest (and greatest?) methods of communicating to reach as many voters as possible with their plans for our country’s future?

So…why can’t “we” accept that it is JUST as necessary for our schools to use these tools in educating as many students as possible for our country’s future…and theirs!

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