Thursday, July 5, 2007

371.207 School Leadership Day: What Administrators Need to Know about the 2.0 World of Learning

Scott McCleod has asked bloggers to write about 2.0 digital technology learning for 21st century students for the benefit of school administrators.

The leaders in the blogging world and some other bloggers I found responding to the call can better list the reasons why and the advantages of this change in educational thought.
My contribution to this plan is this...I will provide the links to these important thoughts
Doug Johnson
Scott McCleod
Carolyn Foote
Chris Lehmann, a principal who may not have been writing today directly for this purpose, but had some relevant thoughts for all of us proposing these changes nevertheless including:
"...I do think that the educators in my aggregator can change the world. But I think we all have to understand that a) change is slower than we'd want, and b) to change the world, we have to be as close to the ideal versions of ourselves as we can. We have to be passionate and dedicated and smart and inclusive and tireless and humble. We have to be better tomorrow at being who we are than we are today. Our ideas and work can change the world and make a difference, but only if we are willing to constantly change ourselves...."

Coordinator's Office, a blogger since 2004
Jeanette Johnson, a principal who speaks from the other side and lists things for US to be sure and consider!

... and I will kindly ask anyone in an administrative position who happens to read my blog for whatever reason PLEASE take a few moments to read what these learned and well-versed folks have proposed for the benefit of all our students.

...and to please think about how they, in their various positions of administrative authority, can bring about the necessary changes to allow this type of learning to take place in our schools.

...and to ask questions and to ask for samples and to look for these types of learning opportunities that might already be going on in their sphere of influence.

I promise you will not have to read much, look far, or be afraid. Good "stuff" is happening!

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