Thursday, July 12, 2007

025.21 Books for Boys: A Quick Laundry List of Titles

Just a quick post about an article from the LA Times I came across giving good (but not necessarily new) ideas about books for boys…probably in the 9-11 age group on up to YA.
How to hook the reluctant boy reader Gags, gadgets and adventure — sure fire recipes to make boys (and girls) read by Denise Hamilton

If you have spent 15 minutes in a library with boys at this point in ther lives, these titles will be well known to you…Alex Rider, Capt’n Underpants, Wayside School, Hank the Cow Dog, Ender’s Game, Crispin, Lighting Thief, Cirque de Freak…

Personally, I am SUCH an easy mark for books with catchy or gimmicky titles. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by Oh Yuck! or Oh, Yikes! History’s Grossest, Wackiest Moments ?
So if you need an idea for one of your display corners when school opens back up…this article is a good place to get some inspiration.

Maybe you have some other thoughts to share with all the lurkers(oops! I mean readers) out there!

P.S. I do—Grossology and It’s Disgusting and We Ate It (kind of a history of food!) come on….NOT every book has to be “serious!”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. My son is 10 and it's quite difficult getting him to find books he likes.

Amy Bowllan