Wednesday, August 8, 2007

820.9 Harry Potter: A Second File Folder of Sorts

One more post to bring all of the post-reading Harry Potter things I have come across.

From my regular reading sources:

Musings of Library Girl

Book Moot partial interview with JKR

A Chair, Fireplace & Tea Cozy what to read after HP

Educating Alice more If Harry were Newbery eligible

Goddess of Literature

Mister K Reads

Muller in the Middle

and some other sources that stood out for this event: for the serious reader!

The Leaky Cauldron many things HP JKR Live Chat transcript

Fate of Our Favorite Wizards based on MSNBC piece

What’s Next All Things HP

and of course as an “ultimate” resource spot Wikipedia article

Add a comment here if you have other links that can add to the fun and excitement…that way we all will have it in “one place” for future reference!

Plus it will be fun for this non-reader to see what all you rabid followers have been reading and discussing!!

Don’t get me wrong… YOUR excitement and enthusiasm is catching and all of you have been SO much fun to be around…I don’t need to have read any of them to have had a great time these past couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing. It’s gonna be hard to top, I think …at least for a while anyway.


Library Girl said...

These are great resources! Thanks so much for the plug, too! I am so glad we know more about how our favorite characters are spending their adulthood, too!

Library Girl said...

I am missing your posts, VWB! Get thee to a posting page and give me somethin' good! =)