Sunday, September 9, 2007

92 Madeline L'Engle: Thanks for the Memories

Madeline L'Engle passed away late last week at age 88.

I know I read her most popular titles including Wrinkle in Time, but remember better my time with her stories like Meet the Austins and Camilla...more my style.

Although her most popular books were not on my personal favorites list, I have many fond memories of giving them to students and watching them devour the stories and come back wanting more. These books have stood the test of time and would even pass the muster even if the covers were a little less appealing than the "new" books...once hooked, readers don't much care for packaging if the story is good!

I am sure many of you will have special memories with her various offereings. I hope they bring you a smile as you think about them. Here is a list of her titles. She has touched readers for 6 decades!

Here is some of the reaction to the author's passing that you may want to read ...and maybe share with her newest readers!
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Tammy said...

Thanks for this info! I didn't know she had passed away. I appreciate the links here!