Monday, October 1, 2007

005.369 Microsoft PowerPoint: A Way to Work with Screen shots

Library girl tagged me to do a visual meme... a screen shot of my desktop...and since I TRY really hard to make this a learning & informational blog...I completed the task and am giving you the directions how to use a PowerPoint slide as a work surface for any photo...screenshot or digital photo.

She gave great directions for taking the screen shot.
Paste the shot to a blank slide in PowerPoint. Use the "crop tool" from the Picture toolbar to cut away excess parts of the picture you don't want or need...of course I didn't cut a lot way on this one because it was the desktop!
Save the results in whatever format you need or want. Remember jpeg is a great general format for lots of uses.
That's it..easy as that!

O desktop...I LOVE this Microsoft has been around for a really long time and I put it on any computer that I can control the desktop. I try to keep the geranium uncovered (my attempt to keeping the desktop clean) and I use the glass window panes to park things I am working they documents, PPTs, or catalog records! and it reminds me a lot of a favorite part of the country that is a long way away from here and that I don't get to visit anymore...sort of a way to daydream and work at the same time.

And yes, you might notice my trashcan ...lower right homage to the many "happy" days I spent on MACs!

Ok, I guess I fulfilled the meme... I tag anyone who is interested!

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