Saturday, November 24, 2007

002.068 Kindle: An Example of Passion?

Last Monday was the latest BIG day in the personal technology world...the unveiling of's (but probably more important,Jeff Bezo's) electronic book reader Kindle. The bloggers were "up" early in that I was reading info and opinions early that morning. Demonstration video
But the "special" part of the day occurred for me totally by accident. Later that night, way later that night in fact, I was channel surfing to find something that would lull me to sleep when I stumbled across Charlie Rose interviewing Jeff Bezo about his Kindle. Well, sleep eluded me for about 45 minutes longer + some thinking time because I was fascinated by what I saw...yes, the device was interesting, but that was not what was keeping me was the way Bezo was bubbling over and bursting with pride over his latest toy! I was watching someone talk passionately about something that meant a great deal to him on many levels and that had consumed many hours of thought and labor for several years, and yet, he was almost overcome with excitement as if it were the first day. For me, that was exciting. I loved watching his giddiness!
Points he made that stood out for me...
"we are not trying to out-book the book."
"there will be no out-of-print books."
And the most important thing for the archivist part of my"Five Little Peppers and How They Grew book-loving heart...any book, no matter how old or worn out will ALWAYS be around!

No, he did not accomplish the feat by himself and he knows it. It takes a team. The jury is still out as to whether the device itself is a real winner and judging by some of the reviews, some people aren't impressed with the device nor even the effort itself. But then some people just don't get the 2.0 world and the future of books, reading, learning, etc. And to the ones who think books are dead...wrong, only the format has adapted once again for a group of readers needing (or wanting) it!

I prefer to think of it as one man's treasure to be discovered by masses as they find need for it. I, not being the best adapter at all things technological, can see even me using this device...1. because it does appear to a light-weight 2. it doesn't take a computer to make it work 3. it is visual reading (I'm just not into "audio reading," but want all the proper devices available for those who are!) If it is not perfection, then someone will go back to the drawing board until there is the perfect device. How many time did Edison try elements for his perfect light bulb? Aren't we glad others improved upon the "horseless carriage" or I would have gotten really wet on my rainy drive back home today and would not have had my posse (of singers on CD) riding with me.

Bezos said that color was being worked on as he spoke...I hope that means that pictures (covers and other artwork) won't too long in comg?

Here are some releases, reviews, and blog posts regarding the Kindle. Take a look and see for yourself whether this is a good thing...or not. The specs are below.

Blue Skunk Blog 1
Blue Skunk Blog 2
What I Learned Today --go down into the post to "Next, as I mentioned yesterday..."
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Newsweek release (cover article will be out on the 27th)
if:book discusses the Newsweek article...the future of reading
if:book some thoughts on the pricing (yes, it is outta my league, but most of technology is outta my league outta see just how old my cell phone kids call it the brick!) they still sold out in hours and with no opportunity to "kick the tires!"
NYTimes old article but does comparison with other devices

If nothing else, please watch at least some the is a 57-minute feast of enthusiasm.
You might catch some of the fever!


LKP said...

I want one, I want one, I want one!! I had heard about it before you posted, but hadn't seen the demo video or the interview. I know we have toyed with the "E" book format before --- but this looks really COOL!!!

Larry Ferlazzo said...

First, congratulations from one Edublogs Award Finalist to another. I'm glad I discovered your blog through the Finalist list.

Secondly, I wanted to share an interesting new Web 2.0 application called Book Glutton. It's not on a mobile reader like the Kindle but, boy, if it were that would really make it intriguing: