Thursday, November 15, 2007

741.6 TypoGenerator: Making Graphics the Fun Way

Created these jpeg files with a simple little program called TypoGenerator. Uses are only limited by your imagination and how much patience you might have to keep re-submitting your words to have them re-mixed.

There is a larger file choice available also. Will be helpful in printing the objects, I imagine. I haven't tried printing yet...been too busy just trying different combinations of text, color, and background. You can find something that suits your taste or your needs!
I see using them in blogs and wikis and other webpages as titles, banners, place markers, or simply artwork "decorating" the space with words. I see making a special one and turning it into a button pin or even a magnet...maybe a "brand" to be shared and displayed.
What about creating one or two files as verbal cues to be included in Animoto videos that introduce concepts or celebrate students and their successes?
And how about printing some out and using them as signs pointing to books and other materials? Use keywords to point out popular types of books. Depending on how you style them, I bet the kids will follow them better than breadcrumbs to things they want!
Thanks BB for sharing.

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