Thursday, December 6, 2007

028.1 Books: Stack 'Em Up!

Cute little program...amaztype...creates words out of books from the collection.

Not sure what purpose it serves but it is fun...and it does make interesting artwork for know those guideposts to help readers find what they want?

My sample...all the books used are "frog" books of some kind. When you are actually in the program as it builds the word (and by the way, just keeps building and building), you can click on the book to see the cover up close and have all the pertinent info about the book (author, price, etc.)

Vocabulary practice? Header on blog, webpage, newsletter?
Any other thoughts on how to use?

[I screen shot the action and then saved each on a PowerPoint slide and cut away the access and save each as a jpeg.]

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Ms. Mize said...

This looks interesting. I added it to my bookmarks. Thank you for sharing it.