Friday, December 14, 2007

155. 2 Another Personality Test: Equal Time for the 100 Acre Wood Bunch

I know these are silly, little "personality" tests, but they are fun, especially when tied to favorite stories...a chance to revisit special "friends"...this time, Pooh & Co.

Before I reveal my results, I have always considered myself an Eeyore children agreed SO much they even gifted me with one which sits proudly( in his typical dejected stance) on my desk at home. He makes me laugh!

Secretly, I think I want to be Tigger. Always the happy-go-lucky one in the crowd. A few years ago, there was that bouncy, somersault-turning Tigger and I wanted Santa Claus to bring me one SO badly, but instead I think he gave one to every little kid I knew, and I think one or two big kids, too!

I love the original stories and the beautiful soft colors of the drawings of how all the characters looked. They represent "sweet," nostalgic memories to me. But I AM a Disney-raised child too, and I love the all the "loud" musical craziness and bright, bold colors of the "newer" versions, too!" Say what you want, the Disney organization does have the "magic."

So who do I most closely resemble?

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Never thought about Kanga much...didn't stand out in the crowd to me, but according to this description from Wikipedia

Kanga is a kind-hearted, motherly character. She takes great care of Roo, and is constantly concerned with his well-being....She is not without a sense of humor, however, as shown when she not only catches onto the joke that the others are trying to play on her by hiding Roo but then turns the joke back on Piglet by pretending she believes he is Roo.
Kanga also comes the nearest of all the Pooh characters to serving the role of a parent to the other characters. She will offer motherly advice - and food - to anyone who asks her.
Kanga likes to keep things clean, and when she feels especially motherly,she likes to count and organize things. She can sign her own name, as she does on the "rissolution" that the animals give to
Christopher Robin, but there is no other indication of whether she can read or write...

Does make one ponder?


melscales said...

Hey! I'm Kanga, too! No wonder we see things the same way so often! I know it's silly, but I love those personality tests, too.

coach b said...

haha... you'll never guess who i was.... and its kinda mean...

WINNIE THE POOH!! It says... you are loveable and kind, even if you are a bit slow sometimes (WHAT?!... never!!!). All you need to be happy in life is good food, good friends, and good fun!

So what do ya think about that?! (Maybe it helped that i am wearing my pooh socks today also!