Monday, December 31, 2007

794.82 Gaming Experiences: Opportunities Abound Visiting 20-Somethings

Spending the holidays with the young people in my life meant I got to "play" with a Wii and got to visit another virtual world known as WoW!

The Wii system is so could be very addicting if I allowed it into my life full-time! I spent most of my time with the bowling portion, but I had such fun. So much fun bowling...and NOT having to stick my feet into those shoes!

I got to see a real expert play tennis against the computer and if there had been more time, I would have wanted to attempt that and other stuff as well. There are practice sessions and lots of different ways you can "play" without actually doing a whole game. It is great! The Wii site has all kinds of information and videos to explain what is available and how to play!

And of course...the notorious controller accidents...none for us...we had the improved straps and cleared the decks before playing, but o, boy, I can see how it could happen!

Another fun gaming experience and virtual world episode was getting to see a little bit of World of Warcraft, affectionately known as WoW. It is so much always going on, but the graphics are SO fabulous and the fact that I got to experience it on a 20+ inch screen was awesome! I doubt this site will be viewable in district, hence the wikipedia choice above. If you are not too much into gaming as I am not, you really should take an opportunity to look this one over if you is pretty impressive!

I can't wait for another opportunity to go north...hope I get a chance to "play" again!


Library Girl said...

Oh, my gosh, I LOVE the Wii! Is it not the coolest interactive game ever? I wish I had one! :)

LKP said...

I agree it is REALLY cool! We have had fun with the bowling game too, and you are welcome to come over and play it anytime :)!!!

The Man in the Middle said...

I'm trying to get a picture in my mind of you playing tennis, even electronically.

Pray for me. My mom wants to move to a digital camera. I see lots of trips to Clarewood House to help her upload the pics.

My sister is starting to advocate putting the family on Flickr to save her money on prints. I actually knew what she was talking about!