Monday, January 7, 2008

028.6 2007 Cybils: Nomination Finalists Part 2

The rest of the Cybils finalists were released today.

YA Fiction - 7 titles from 123 nominations!!
A lot of discussion about Twight title not being on this list (or even the sci fi/fantasy list of last week)...I know a librarian or two who will not like this result, I bet (but hey, the Meyer's books arewinners on their own!) The Absolutely True Story of a Part-time Indian is a particular favorite of mine based on a couple of book talks I witnessed and all the press I have been reading about this title.

I "read" One Thousand Tracings in the bookstore over the holidays...made me cry!

Graphic Novels - 5 each for the high school level and the elementary/middle school level from 34 nominations

Middle Grade/YA Nonfiction - 45 nominations were narrowed down to 7 finalists.

O, BTW, the awards will be announced February 18th. And if you want to review Part 1 (4 other sets of finalists)

Here is a pdf file of all finalists...includes short description of title.


Library Girl said...

Ok, ok, I can give up the non-nomination of the Twilight series just this once... the YA books on the list look great. Besides, with the Twilight movie slated for Dec 2008, and the culmination of the Edward/Bella/Jacob story coming in August of 2008 in Breaking Dawn, and Meyer selling a zillion books over the past 4 years... I think I'm going to be alright if it doesn't win a Cybil. ;)

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