Sunday, February 24, 2008

912 News Globe: Multitasking

Think Google Earth is the only way to see the world up close and personal?
Nope, it's not!

Add Yahoo News Globe to your interactive WWW experiences. Catch up on the news of the day anywhere in the world and see where all the action is in relationship to your point of reference on this great big blue marble we call home!

It is really cool to watch the world spin around on its own as it reveals the various world-wide headlines...that's the autoplay mode. In interactive mode, you can control the Earth's movements and you can spin the world any direction you want. If you want to read about the behind-the-scenes stuff and the "history" take a look here.

The world news stories are an interesting thing, but I love just looking that the geographic were there is "real" or year-round winter, deserts that take up huge chunks of land, tiny specs of land in the midst of huge oceans that humans have traveled to successfully for thousands of years...without the benefit of GPS!

Go have some fun!


Grendel said...

That is a great tool! Thanks for sharing.

Bookeatersclub said...

Great tool, will be sharing it with our campus. Another piece in the Library 2.0 puzzle.