Friday, April 4, 2008

006.7 Blogs & Blogging: A Community Conversation

This is the post is where I will write am writing a reaction to a presentation I am making made at a church in my community that is having a technology workshop Saturday.

I want them to have access to the Common Craft video Blogs in Plain English so I am including it here so the participants can access it easily at the point they want it. I have chosen to use the Teacher Tube version so that it can be seen district as well.

I also wanted a place for the link to the PPT that I prepared to go along with the conversation.
I look forward to a fun and interesting morning...come back later to see what happened and what we learned!

It WAS a fun morning...such nice, enthusiastic participants during my session. I think they enjoyed learning about the vocabulary associated with Web 2.0 (thumbs and pointers, digital natives and immigrants, social networking, etc.) and seeing some of the background about and behind blogs. We talked a little about how children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews in their lives are totally into all of this stuff and we should all use it as well to be "hip and cool" with the kids! Here are a few of the people who came to my session...aren't they a nice looking group!

It was interesting to me from the standpoint of the "equipment" I got to use... a computer with Vista...that was a new experience...just enough difference to make me a little nervous since it wasn't my computer! And then I used a wi-fi connector for the Internet. Another new experience for me. The Geek Squad from Best Buy was there offering tips, tricks, and information so after my session I had a long talk with one of the Geek guys (really nice & patient, I might add) about setting up wireless for my place and how to go about doing it.

And on top of is absolutely the most gorgeous day outside so I'm outta here. Copper & I have a date with a bench and a book!


Wayne Robertson said...

I did not stay for the whole presentation. I am happy to see the older people, well my age actually, being interested in blogging. I have blogged since May 2005. I have been sermonizing for years that people need to tell their stories to the upcoming generations. Every time a person dies a little piece of knowledge disappears. I find blogging is an excellent tool for just such story telling.

You talked about the styles of the kids today and tripped me to a problem we are having with our older grandson. We were making him turn off all devices while he did his homework. He was a true pain and it was almost impossible to get him to pay attention. I think Monday we will allow TV, radio and whatever while he is doing homework here.

Book Nook Girl said...

This sounds like it went well! You do so many things we don't even know about! I would like to hear how it went and what reactions you received!

Books, Computers & Puppets, Oh My! said...

So what did you think of Vista? I am begining to think a laptop upgrade is in my future but I don't want one with Vista. I have nothing but grumbles about it.

Housman said...

My blogging kids are having more fun with their Avatars. Library2Play is one of the best staff developements I've ever done!