Thursday, April 2, 2009

027.8 School Librarians, Libraries and Administrators

Today was the first full conference day at TLA. The Strong Libraries, Strong Scores Administrators' Conference was held today. We had about 85 principals, assistant principals, central office staff and some trustees from around the state come to hear learn from, and work with a series of speakers who filled them in on the value of their school librarians, libraries, and the contributions of both to the overall school success.

The early reactions seem to be all positive. The administrators' learned and shared and went away with lots of information to use in making changes back on their campuses...OR left knowing that their programs are indeed contributing to success already!

Keith Curry Lance, Marla McGhee, Barbara Jansen and two local principal-librarian teams from Pasadena and Spring Branch shared valuable statistics, important concepts and LOTS of practical things to use and do. Both presenters and participants alike asked and answered lots questions and covered lots of concerns.

This is the 5th time that administrators have been invited to participate in this event that was conceived from the White House 2002 meeting about school libraries. And with anything worth doing, this year added to the success found during each of the preceding years. Lots of school children and teens will benefit from the gathering today. That's the best anyone can wish!

P.S. Thanks to the group responsible for the fun and games at the party earlier this evening...especially the music! I knew all the words. Needless to say, the great band that played, played lots and lots and lots of oldies, but goodies. It was hard at time to know who was having more fun---the performers or the audience!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great conference. Did anyone live blog, or live Tweet?
Paul Baker