Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TASLA Session #1 21st Century Educator

Remember these are ROUGH notes...P.S. it was very good and fun...will do some linking later!!

Kim Cofino, International School in Bangkok Always Learning

This is being done thru Skype and she will demonstrate screen sharing as well.

The power of personal learning networks...

The Networked Teacher...

traditional tools AND 2.O tools


24-7 learning

immediate responses/feedback during the learning process

can include personal interests as well as professional interests

interconnect but the groups of learners can change

global connections are possible

you have to build your own PLN, a community happens--you join that

it is your responsibility to go out and get the info and learning ---it DOES take time

Evolution of an educator

pre-PLN wasa time of isolation, a few colleagues

a list of books that was her start (Warlick, Richardson, Wikinomics, Long Tail)

K-12 online conference was another first that got her started


forming groups...and the personal connections that can be made

collaborations of a ling distance nature came next

joining communities (nings)

constantly connecting...Twitter

where are you in your evolution

Grow your own PLN

The steps she would follow if she could do it all over again...

start small...can’t do it all at once..

start with one tool like readers (RSS)

learn by lurking

it comes to look at it on your own time

you find your little don’t have to follow everyone

social networking

professional connections in Facebook maybe...broaden your connections

start sharing ...thru a blog!

develop your online identity...being anonymous is not always in your best interest...

personal conversations...with things like Skype

personal connections even long distance

online conferences...2nd Life and other events

as structure or unstructured as you want

be connected constantly...Twitter

tidbits of info over time tell the story of this person

she talked about Flickr Creative Commons as the primary source for her pictures because she has permission based the CC

She also talked about a site where you can select only things that can be shared

Presentation for making presentations better

Here Comes Everybody (The Power of Organizing without Organizations)...another book she recommends

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Kim Cofino said...

It's great to read your notes from my session! Seems like I actually did say something useful somewhere in there :) Thanks for highlighting me on your blog!