Thursday, June 11, 2009

TASLA 2nd Morning Session Part 2 Book Awards

Exploring State Book Awards - Janet Hilbin & Jane Claes

49 states have some kind of an award now...190 awards given, not including recommended reading lists...Mississppi is only one currently not giving one
does not include Lone Star, Tayshas type lists
some go back 60-70 years!!

children had some voice in nomination, selection or voting for winners

Bluebonnet is one of largest...used as collection development tool in the state

criteria for nomination varies greatly! purpose is more standard...encourage reading!

Pacific Northwest Young Reader's Award 1940
Kansas had first individual state award 1952

of 95 looked at
21 by adults only
11 chosen exclusively by children
rest are adult selections with student selection of winners

often winners of big awards like Caldecott, Newbery can not be nominated

since 2004:
Eragon 21 awards
Twilight 16 awards
Lightning Thief 16 awards
Tale of Despereaux 15 awards
Loser 12 awards
only picture book with 10 or more My Lucky Day had 11
in total 450 books received awards..76% of the books only got one award (vast majority being picture books)

question: how many have been banned...not sure, but thought only 3-4
top 5 winners are all considered fantasy/science fiction, magical realism
25 have add movies made or are in production

Kehert, Clements, Gutman are top winners but have never won national awards

only 5 awards given exclusively for nonfiction, but 41 non fiction books have won various awards

27 books about dogs won 47 awards
8 adult titles won 19 awards

this data can be important for collection development
they have be thru selection process
trends in student reading
librarians not necessarily using this info

they are publishing this in a book (Linworth) to be out in the fall Coast to Coast: Exploring State Book Awards by Janet Hilbin and Jane Claes from the beginning to 2008
there will be some author interviews included ..they talk about impact on them and how they feel about kids reading

Guess what! Lunch!

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