Thursday, October 22, 2009

741.6 Research Projects in the 2.0 World: Sharing the Learning

Typical 4th grade research project - learning about Texas cities.
Typically done? Not on your life!

One of the librarians in my circle who has embraced the 2.0 tools almost longer than anyone I know recently shared her school's version of the "typical" project.
Yes, each student researched a Texas city...each one used typical resources available to them...print and digital. So they had experience accumulating information and using research skills.

The 2.0 finished project - trading cards using the Big Huge Labs site.
The interaction experience - ACTUALLY trading the cards (and some treats courtesy of the librarian)

The assessment - the librarian developed a checklist activity and found out the students really did learn facts about Texas cities...and did it in a fun way!
I am so fortunate to work with librarians (and teachers and school leaders) who recognize that learning CAN be done in interesting and creating ways...with fun thrown in!


Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

Nice post! I'm going to share it with the class!

Mrs. Counterman said...

I want to use the trading card site so badly in my classroom, but BigHugeLabs is blocked in my district. Do you have any other suggestions of sites that have similar projects?