Thursday, February 11, 2010

002 Print vs. Digital: A Contest or a Matter of Choice?

Take a look: Do School Libraries Still Need Books?
Five people's thoughts. You decide for yourself.

Me...I think the advantage is being able to provide choice in this age of multiple formats.

Do some things make more sense?
A digital encyclopedia updated almost instantaneously vs. a printed version that is practically out-dated the day it comes off the press?
The multi-tasking approach of audio books vs. a spiffy little paperback that fits in a pocket?
The sterile look of sheets printed off an online file vs. the visual stimulus of beautifully photographed images or cleverly created characters?

I think it comes down to what works for you in the moment.

O, by the will NEVER convince me that picture books meant to be used in a couch cuddle with parent and child or between two school buddies on the carpet in the corner will ever disappear from the school library shelves.

That 's one Librarian's opinion.

Photo Credit: Flickr CC by John-Morgan


Jim said...

Yeah, I'd like to see the e-reader that makes Grandfather's Journey look as magnificent as it does in paper. I think I'll stick to the book for now. Thanks.

MsR said...

I think as Librarians we need to work harder at helping our students find full text articles & e-books - if we are to transition to digital reading. I see more & more students using short single paragraph perusals they find on the Internet for the basis of their research. Sometimes that is OK, but I still think reading a chapter book & being able to concentrate for a long period of time on a single topic is an important skill.