Sunday, March 14, 2010

741.5 Make a Wimp of Yourself!

Go here and "wimp" yourself!
Stay on the site a few extra's fun watching yourself!

My wimpy self in action

A trailer of the movie coming out on March 19th is also available here.
Included at the site are some other fun things related to the movie and book.


Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

OK, you got me! We were playing with the Wimpy site in Blogging but couldn't figure out how to post the results to our blogs.
Please share your secret!

VWB said...

After you wimp yourself, click orange save & share button.
click orange export image button.
3 choices appear...full scene, full body and head shot.
right click on one and save as.

if you want the little movie with your wimp in it , on the screen where export image button is, copy the url and post that.