Sunday, February 18, 2007

025.3 Cataloging Tools: Especially for School Libraries

In preparing for a presentation this week, I had cause to review the various sources, both print and online, that I use to aid me in my cataloging adventures for the various schools in my circle of influence. Among the many things I cover, I will be telling the audience (made up of in-training and beginning Librarians) about the big red books (LCSH), but also the online counterpart in the form of subject authorities found on the LOC web site. I will be including some of the help books available...Scott Piepenburg's titles and things Joanna Fountain has worked on. I have been privileged to take a couple of workshops from her. I always learn something new from her every time!

I do not know all of the tools, much less everything necessary for "perfect" records. I don't pretend to even think I do. That is why i am very glad I ran across this website: Resources for School Librarians: Cataloging the Collection. It contains a lengthy list of both print and online cataloging aids. Hurray, all in one place!

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