Wednesday, April 11, 2007

371.33 Library 2.0 Instruction Part 2

I'm a little slow this second go-round. I thought the first half went fast...that was "amateur" hour compared to the lightspeed the second presenter Gary Wan used in presenting all of his very technical information. He showed us many of the behind-the-scenes things about all of the topics Michelle presented in the morning.

Some of the things he covered included:
It is Ajax that makes the movement in the Google maps so seamless. You don't have to wait for pages to refresh.
In explaining about mashups and APIs (application program interface), Gary give us the example of where the catalog and have mashed together to give users combined information. has a big list of mashps and APIs.
A Microformat example called h-card looks very interesting! It is the 2.0 version of a business card.

This is diagram on mashups that he showed that really helped me to better understand what they are.

There is so much more to share. I will have to do one more post of a more reflective nature of all this good stuff. I really appreciated all their efforts today! Once again, Michelle Boule's and Gary Wan's 2.0 wiki is here.

P.S. I heard back from a couple of Librarians on the homefront when I sent the morning post...they were so glad I was learning and enjoying it so much...BUT...they couldn't see the info...because.......(drum roll please)....... it was blocked! ( sigh)

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Carolyn Foote said...

Thanks for sharing your notes and their wiki--I'm sorry I missed the session.

I'll be there tomorrow to hear Jenny Levine!