Friday, May 4, 2007

006.7 Blogging & Podcasting: They Practice What They Preach

Sub-title: For Aspiring New Media Titans.

An old format to share news and information about new formats. This magazine has been out a month. You can receive it in one of 3 ways...a printed edition for a subscription fee or a digital or podcast edition for free!

Several useful articles for upcoming trainings...and some more information for the "Why Blog" virtual (as opposed to vertical) file folder:
Blogging is Just Kid's Stuff by Shel Isreal; Basic Podcasts Setups and Formats; Where Do We Go from Here?

The cover article is about Robert Scoble who left Microsoft in 2006 to work with Podtech Network. Interesting reading. And yes, there are advertisements, some with sound!

Might be fun to follow this new resource.

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