Monday, May 7, 2007

006.7 Blogging: Basic Information Sources

In hunting around for some other information, I came across this basic blogging information from Technorati. Unfortunately, most of the people in my sphere of influence will not be able to see the information from the site...because it is blocked! So I will pull some of the points to ponder and include them here and then readers can check out the whole page of information at another time and place.

Point of clarity: Blog and weblog are interchangeable terms.

The difference between a web site and a blog:
"A weblog is a website that is updated frequently, most often displaying its material in journal-like chronological dated entries or posts. Most blogs allow readers to post comments..."

Common misconception about blogs:
"The main misconception about blogs is that they are only personal diaries...Blog topics include political commentary, product reviews, scientific endeavors, and any area of information where people have a deep expertise and a desire to express it. "

Why blogs are important:
"...Instead of primarily being passive consumers of information, more and more Internet users are becoming active participants. Weblogs allow everyone to have a voice."

Also included is information about blogrolls, RSS feeds and readers, relationship between blogs and journalism, and linking.

P.S. What is Technorati? The largest search engine for blogs!

And if you do want to read lots of background information about blogs that is available to all readers (at least I hope it is!) go to Wikipedia.

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