Tuesday, May 8, 2007

912 U.S Map: Record Your Travels, Family Homes, etc.

Nothing fancy. Simple little website called Visited States Map that lets you check off the states you have visited, lived in, studied, etc. Results are saved as a jpeg, gif, or png.

My Map:
At this time of the year, I see a lot of use for family trips-- virtually checking off the states as the family travels this summer.

What about using it for family genealogy records? Trace the family's movement across the country and put it in your family record book.

Younger kids? Use it to mark states they have "learned"?

Don't like the automatic color choices? Drop the file into Microsoft Paint or other similar program and choose your colors to meet your needs. A Canadian version is also available, but no world version.

P.S. No Hawaii choice. (Rats, I could add one more!) The map was originally created for RVers to use. And as the site says, it's hard to drive to Hawaii!

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