Monday, May 7, 2007

303.48 Typology of Information: A Survey of Technology Users

A PEW/Internet survey is out that measures Americans and their use of technology based around three things: assets, actions, attitudes. A lot of the information centered around the use of cell phones and of course, that affects my responses. Remember: I am a digital immigrant with an accent-- I don't "do" cell phones!

After reading thru the material, I decided I probably would fall into the Productivity Enhancer group (8% of the population). Technology allows me to do my job effectively and efficiently, keep up with others (I email lots of people I would not visit with regularly), and learn new things (family stuff thru genealogy, an impossible feat without the Internet in my case and of course, everything 2.0)

Here is the pdf version of the survey.

I took the quiz after reading thru the material. My Results: Connector (7% of the population) I guess the non-cell phone part carried me thru. An interesting side fact about being a Connector-- the average age of the respondents who fit in that category is 38, an age I can BARELY remember being, it was soooooo long ago!

What are you?


Library Girl said...

Hey, cool survey! I am an Omnivore (8% of the population). Median age was 28, not too terribly far from my current age, although it's nice to know I'm slightly ahead of the game for my current age bracket. I love being in the "top" percentage of something. It happened so rarely when I was in school... =)

benefiej said...

Hi! I, too, am a connector, and I am way older than 38!

THlib said...

I love that I am "Connected but Hassled"! I think that will be my new screen name. Avg. age is 46 (spot on) and 10% of population. You could have been hassled too if if you just did the cell phone!