Wednesday, October 17, 2007

004.67 More Evidence of the Power of Web 2.0 and the Students Who "Live" It

Bringing you a couple more YouTube videos from the same director ( Michael Wesch) and his students who brought the immensely popular The Machine Is Us/ing Us awhile back.

A Vision of Students Today has been making the rounds of some of the blogs I follow...a series of statements from a college class put together to give you a picture of the "average" college student. The statement that jumped out at me..."I will read 8 books this year" followed by "I will read 2300 web pages" and "128 Facebook profiles." Some commentors at the site find the statistics depressing (or worse, stupid)...I find them intriguing and perfect evidence in understanding why the way we teach,and present info to assist students in learning MUST change!
Yes, I know the video is unavailable at school, but do yourself a favor and check it out away from school or let me give you the downloaded file! Read about the statistic details and background.

Another Michael Wesch video that I came across while looking at the one above is Information Revolution...another presentation on how information storage and retrieval has changed. Makes the "cataloger" side of my brain a tad nervous in some respects, because I don't totally agree with the theme that information no longer needs to "organized"! I simply think the organization format has changed!
Anyway, it is worth a look if you are still struggling with understanding the Web 2.0 changes or are having trouble convincing others of the value of the changes.
[Personal note: I loved the cataloged card marked up with black marker! Brought back wonderful memories! :-)--ha, bet I have hooked a couple of you into looking for this little detail.]

In doing my blog reading this week, one of best statements I have come across since I started this adventure was featured by David Warlick at 2¢ Worth...he got it from one of the participants at the K-12 Online Conference.

A kid the other day said to me that he hates the term Web 2.0…makes sense, it’s
1.0 to him!
It makes sense that our students don't understand the hubbub about of the technology and 2.0 stuff..they don't know anything else! We tend to show our age the more concerned we are about it all...the kids don't. It's life as they know it!

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