Sunday, October 7, 2007

004.716 Web Cams: Take a Look at the World

Over the last couple of weeks I have come across several web cam experiences while doing a little research and watching the boob tube. I tend to forget about web cam sites...there are hundreds now.

Thought you might like to see the ones that came up on my radar screen recently. They can sure be a help with animal studies, weather, and geography...and I know you can come up with all kinds of reasons to check them out and use them with your students and your own viewing pleasure!

This morning CBS Sunday Morning did a feature on The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Female elephants are brought here to live out their lives in groups, with "best friends," and plenty of acreage. They have both Asian and African elephants who were circus performers and zoo residents. Thoe oweners set up the cameras so that we could watch the animals, but not disturb them in this comfortable habitat. There is a series of lessons that you can use along with video footage.

The National Park Service has a series of web cams throughout its parks for a variety of reasons. The ones noted on this map also record weather statistics. Included is information on how to use the information in lessons about air pollution, acid rain, and ozone issues.

Additional web cams (without air quality info) include Yellowstone, Glacier, and Yosemite.

Around ten years ago, I discovered the africam series of web cams and they helped turn me into the internet junkie I can be at times. most of the cams are trained on water holes where you can watch a virtual parade of animals pass by.

On the same site are a couple cams in North America...the Bald Eagle cam and the Osprey cam.

Also included at this site is a cam of the pyramids in Egypt...not the most exciting cam site unless you are into sunsets BUT they have some things helpful to students and one is a visual comparion chart of how large things are in relation to the way to present point of view, big and little, or compare and contrast.

And take a look at this...a mashup of web cam photos and YouTube video technology! What a fun way to talk about Africa and its animals! There are more videos...check the blog here.

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