Sunday, October 7, 2007

028.6 Cybils Book Award for 2007 : Nominations are Open

Nominations for this year's Cybils are now open. It is a book award process that is completely done thru the online world. Anyone with an email address may make a nomination and then a group of bloggers narrows down the lists and eventually selects the winners.

This will be the second year for this award. Here is the list of last year's winners. Here are the finalists from each group. A printable list here with synopses included. Another BOOK SELECTION TOOL!

There are categories for children's and YA's titles:
Fantasy/Science Fiction
Fiction Picture Books
Graphic Novels
Middle Grade Fiction
Non-Fiction: Middle Grade
Young Adult Non-Fiction Picture Books
Young Adult Fiction
Go to the blog to communicate with the various organizers for each of the categories.

If you want to see a book considered, send it in! It must have been published in 2007 and you may only submit one title per category. You have until November 21st.