Wednesday, January 16, 2008

791.53 Puppets: And the Diagnosis Is...

This very morning, my local news station reported that among the new phobias released recently is pupaphobia...fear of puppets!

Maybe that is what I have been suffering from ALL these years that (among many things) makes going into elementary libraries so hard for me. Colleagues and friends have offered all kinds of help...from lending me puppets to introducing different puppets to me from afar in order that I might build up a tolerance to or a resistance to whatever microorganisms that could have been triggering my aversion.

Who's a fear instead! and look, I can go here for professional help and counseling.

Ok, now can we work on the hugging?


Books, Computers & Puppets, Oh My! said...

I'll be happy to lend you some puppets for theraphy purposes!

grendwulf said...

Would a froggy puppet pass muster?