Tuesday, January 15, 2008

378.1 DKG Meeting: Being With & Sharing With Friends

My Delta Kappa Gamma chapter met today and I was able to attend for the first time in quite awhile. The ladies above represent many of the founding and long-time members with whom I have had the privilege to share some interesting professional and personal moments. Aren't they lovely looking? And even more amazing...there is around 150 years of teaching represented by these five women!

I was asked to talk about Web 2.0 and specifically some about blogging. Many members are retired teachers and some of this was new information to them. We had a light-hearted discussion about blogs and how they represent the "new" interactive sharing of information and learning. We discussed how every one of us in the room qualified as a digital immigrant...how long has it been since you could say that!...and that the students, children and grandchildren we teach, raised, and enjoy are digital natives!

My Library Department is sponsoring a 23 Things professional development and I invited the members present to join us in the fun if they so desired...or at the very least, experience at their leisure, the various 2.0 tools represented. I think I got a few takers and they will enliven the experiences of all involved.

On a more personal level, part of our meeting today was a Remembrance Ceremony held to honor the memory of one of our founding members who passed away in late 2007. Several members who lived with, taught with, laughed with, and loved this person spoke beautiful words about their personal and professional times together. It was very moving to hear their thoughts and feelings. I know I have "school" friendships that have gone way past the "someone I worked with" level and I was thinking about those terrific memories today. I can only hope my friends...both in & outside of DKG feel the same way!

Enjoy your friends...do something soon that makes a fond memory!


PictPat said...

Our chapter was very fortunate to have one of our very own explaining the ends and outs of Blogging. Great Job!
It is not dificult to use web tools, but in this "new-day" of time management it does take a new way of thinking. As with any new process, once you become fluent,(or just interested) you will wonder how you ever worked without new technology.

Grendel said...

Up for pancakes?

David said...

Just curious, which chapter are you in? My wife is in one of the Baytown chapters.