Thursday, February 7, 2008

005.2 Image Generators: An Explosion of FUN

Been away a tad too long because am going full-steam over at our district's Library2Play 23 Things! Over 60 participants and some more to come! Anyway...that is for another post.

Among the many Things is image generators and we are having terrific fun with all of them and the ways we can all use them. In an attempt at doing some "serious" work this morning, I came across one that stopped me in my tracks -- Build Your Wild Self...a kid-friendly avatar maker!!

Just had to share right now! It is too fun! (and a great way to "play" a little with science maybe?)

P.S. If you go to my 23 Things blog, you probably will understand my Wild Self a little better...or maybe you're explanation need!


Mrs. Frizzle said...

I love this site. It is fun and my students will enjoy it too!

WHAK'd said... has 5,000 more online image makers (make buttons, digital scrapbooking, banners, sigs, avatars, comics, photocards, fake magazine covers, wordart/logos, gags, posters, etc).

PDonaghy said...

Thanks for the tip. This is a great site for kids of all ages!
PS - you might be interested in adding your blog information to the new International Edubloggers Directory at