Thursday, March 6, 2008

005.3 Widgets: Banned Fun, Bummer!

In working on my 23 Things assignments, I came across a nice widget collection called SpringWidgets and added one to this blog to count down the days to TLA...the annual conference being held in Dallas this year.

But don't count on it in district...same song, forgotten which's blocked! Guess it's too cute and clever!
Couldn't stand it that you could not see it so I took a screen shot so you could get the picture, if not the real fun. You can see the "hole" for it on the side bar to the right.

But if you are looking for some fun things to add to your webpages or blogs or whatever, go see what you can find. You can adapt many to meet your needs or even create something new and the site will host it for you. I can see this being used to count down to a special event like an author visit, the 100th Day of School, or everyone's favorite Spring days before summer! The ideas are endless.

Have home!

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