Sunday, March 2, 2008

920 International Edubloggers Directory: 2.0 Representatives

Want to see who is involved in edublogging? Want to see what successes they report...what frustrations they deal with...what questions they have...what fun they are having?

Go to Edubloggers International Directory. It made it first appearance in January 2008. Its founder Patricia Donaghy of Dublin, Ireland commented on one of my posts and invited me to take a look. I found a lot of familiar names and faces so I have joined.

She states a simple purpose for her project:

The purpose of this site is to provide an up to date directory of edubloggers
from around the world. The site will provide an easy way to find out what other
edubloggers are blogging about. I hope you enjoy using the site and that you are
able to make many useful connections. Please feel free to add any suggestions or
recommendations for improvements by adding a comment.
It is simply another way to find your way through the maze of the blogging world, especially if you want to only concentrate on those bloggers who have an education base. And you don't have to join to check out the membership. Plus each member has written a description of the blog(s) listed and includes tags of interest. So if you are looking for certain topics or ideas you can search through the ever growing list of members without having to go blog by blog!

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