Saturday, May 31, 2008

006.7 Apture: Unflattening the Web

Ok...a new tool with lots of potential.


I found it while perusing thru my favorite Weblogged. Then I read more about it here and watched the tutorial. Even Creative Commons chimed in.

My first attempt ended up in the blog post below...basically because I didn't understand what was going to happen when I added the widget. Check out what happens when you mouse over "New math." That is a pretty mild example. (Make that a really mild example)

Here is a very rich Apture experience. Watch out! Once released with your click, it can be a bit overwhelming if you aren't prepared.

I am adding some terms here to see what happens when I "apture" them!

  • Texas
  • Chihuahua dogs
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies

It is in beta (so what else is new...all cute things are in beta, permanent beta).
It is free. Yes, you have to register.

Forgive me if you land on my blog for the next few days and encounter the tutorial. It pops up automatically. I'm not ready to turn it off because I'm not comfortable with exactly what I have added! i.e. I'm a tad naturally state!

Update Note: I got a comment regarding this almost as I pushed the publish button...this won't be an issue for you...only pops up for me!

And if you are not seeing anything when you mouse could be the added info is blocked where you are.

O, and the meaning of my subtitle...
comes from the site itself...and a few thoughts of others that I read

Apture provides the first rich communication platform allowing publishers
and bloggers to easily turn flat pages of text into multimedia experiences

Guess we will see how it goes!


Can Sar said...


This is Can from Apture. Don't worry, the tutorial will only open for you, not for your visitors :) And if you ever want to get it back just click 'Video Tutorial' in the Apture Dashboard.


ArborVitae 2.0 said...

Thanks for the post about Apture. It will be a great tool for telling the "complete" story.

arkreynoldsa said...

Thanks for keeping us informed with new tools! This one could be a really neat tool in the classroom...I'll have to explore the possibilities.

What was the blog where you were sharing pictures?

LibraryChica said...

Here is the link for the ESC 23 Things, I hope I have as much fun as I did with you guys.

Anonymous said...

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