Friday, May 30, 2008

371.3 Educational Technology: A Summer Adventure

Technically, this the last day of my 33rd year in this adventure called public school education...from the teacher's side of the desk. Then there is that traditional 13-year run that I did as a student. So 46 years. And of course, I spent a good part of the remaining 10 years of my life on this earth preparing to make the transition from one side of the desk to the other.

I was barely started WAY back when that little historical event called Sputnik plunged us into an educational revolution of sorts. "New math" was the biggest trauma I remember from those days. There were very pleasant experiences as well, but I only remember the effects "new math" in 7th grade had on me...and more importantly, on my poor dad who tried to help.

More recently, I have been immersed in a different kind of educational revolution. It's not new. It actually has been bubbling up since about least in my little corner of the world. For me, I think this summer marks, not the pinnacle because it's not stopping, but at least a very significant stop on this exciting journey.

My district made an important decision this last semester...laptops for all campus certified personnel. But more importantly, I see it as the keys to a vehicle that will take us collectively as an organization, a system, a group, a team on a very exciting ride thru this thing called Web 2.0, Learning 2.0, Library 2.0. Yes, we are all on different levels, but at least now, we are riding in the same bus!

The web and all it implies has also finally been accepted as a legitimate means to learning success...NOT the ONLY means, but a very important tool in the toolboxes of our students and teachers. Many of us have known this for a long time and have worked hard, very hard some days, to use it in spite of roadblocks on many levels. For me, it all seems to have come together at this point in time...a "perfect storm" effect so to speak, but a positive storm!

Personally, I have had some great experiences this past semester working with various groups in discovering new tools and ways to use them. I have been charged up, jazzed up, or whatever you want to call it by the enthusiasm surrounding me. Summer promises even more opportunities to continue my rejuvenation.

Now to the graphic....

I am attending NECC this summer...mostly because it's so close, but more IMPORTANTLY, I finally am treating myself to an education technology experience on a national level. I want to see it (and all the exciting people that go with it), taste it, smell it, hear it, touch it...just because I can. I can't couldn't have come at a better time for me. And I promise it will be fodder for some posts! (yes, I heard those groans from some of you.)

The graphic represents the winning button that will symbolize the's going to given away in limited quantities from what I understand and I plan on getting one. (BL--you might say I am obsessive about getting one..finally I am obsessive about something!)

More about it. The Creator (who has given CC license to the design so I can post it!)


Library Girl said...

YAY to obsessive. I will think good thoughts for you getting the button! And I am so proud that you are with us after many wonderful years. I myself am going on my 25th (if you include the K-12) part!

melscales said...

I don't want to put a number to it, but I can't wait to hear what you learn at the conference. It sounds amazing!

TH said...

Soak it all in and remmeber to have fun! I'll be reading.