Wednesday, May 21, 2008

027.6 Definition of a Library: The "My Space" Version

That never-stops Joyce Valenza of Neverending Search has provided us with a video to use as food for thought once again. She had her students tell us about their library / the space as they see it!

My personal favorite--the very first description...especially where the narrator speaks with such reverence and adoration about the magnificent collection of American History "classics." Be still my heart! I recognized almost EVERY title and cover on every shelf. I can close my eyes and almost drink in the fragrance of wonderful friends and fond memories of the many hours spent with those books and the children who experienced them. Such fine times!

I think the students spent quality time talking about both their print and technology-related experiences, as well as the enjoyment they got out of the library for both scholastic and personal pursuits!

One tiny sad thought for a brief moment...several wonderful descriptions/tours are given with virtually empty "spaces"..but in the end, it became the lively place I knew it must be.

If we saw a narrated tour of your library, would we recognize it as a happening place like these kids do?


Find more videos like this on TeacherLibrarianNetwork (hope this shows in district)

P.S. We gotta get some of those flippy cameras going in my circle of influence and see what kind of good stuff can come out of them!

P.P.S. Need to explore the ning as a source for parking space for videos and other large files! I forget about it. Can it be used thatway?


Library Girl said...

I so desperately want to be Joyce Valenza!!! I need to start by creating my library website, and then I'll be on my way. Seriously, though... a GREAT video! Loved it! And I have a flip - bought w/ PTA money - and I need to do something like this!!! Thanks for the good idea! :)

Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

I think the library in the video needs a good weeding - and some puppets and lava lamps to brighten up the decor!

Book Bag said...

I bought two flip videos for my middle school library. I'm going to see how many more I can afford with book fair money. They are constantly in use. I have to turn folks away because they are usually checked out. Buy as many as you can.

What in the World? said...

That was great!

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