Wednesday, June 11, 2008

025.1 TASLA Day 1, Part 2: Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Peggy Rudd, the director, is back to give us a report on the State Library and its role of supporting all Libraries, including those of us in school Libraries. She began with the state-wide resource sharing that now includes a component for us in schools.

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50th Anniversary of the Reading Club...for elementary children, pre-school reading program and for the first time ---Game On! for YA readers. There are lots of promotional materials. There was a big celebration yesterday at the Capitol.

The renovation of the deZavala building on the Capitol is underway...grand re-opening, May 2010. A learning space will be available for educational programs. A conservation lab with picture window where you can see it happening. [sign me up for that for sure!]

Federated search engine: The Library of Texas

The issue of the union catalog that we used to have...there was a question about that..will it becoming do we start that discussion, who do we bring together?
A discussion ensued about this issue regarding how it would look, improving ILL across the state and who would take on responsibility be it Auto-Graphics or not. Possibly, membership in Tex-Share could move from law to rules...don't have to wait for Legislature to make changes.

A passionate discussion of where we (school libraries) belong, who we belong to, and how are we going to get the recognition from the Legislature..and who needs to spear-head this change. One audience member brought up the need to get parents behind the idea that unstaffed Libraries is not what should be happening as maybe a way to change the focus of this drive.

The Legislative budget request to be submitted in October for the next year was also a topic.
One audience comment: Use 21st Century sKills, Tx college Readiness Skills and AALS standards when trying to accomplish these tasks

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Lunchtime! More bonding...and eating!

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