Wednesday, June 11, 2008

025.1 Day 1, Part 3, The Afternoon: TexShare & Transformation

What Is TexShare? Ann Mason
Sharing resources, joint purchasing, staff expertise
1988- resource-sharing with academic libraries
1994- funding started
1997- 150 members...academic and community colleges
1997-responsibility given to TSLAC...missed some!
membership to 700+ with public libraries added as of now

Amigos, UT Austin, ESC20 are strategic is due to UT that the address is a edu

actually 8 programs...databases and 7 others, including ILL, communications (about databses mostly now), TexTreasures grant

TexShare Database Program
50 databases..EBSCO being part of that
supported through participation fees

Library of Texas
federated search tool of catalogs (125 libraries) and databases..if you are a member.
some free resources (like access to view records)

Card Program
500 libraries NOT the database program
Public library members love to be able to go to academic libraries (like UT Austin)

Education Services
train mostly public librarians how to use databases, etc.

only members may participate.
there is a protocol

TexTreasures Grant
digitization of State "treasures" so they can be viewed virtually by "virtually" everyone!
[SBISD--we have some links to some of these projects on the LRP under Texas]

K-12 Database Program Update
for little 2.2 million we get the databases and Ency Britannica for almost every (98%) school library in Texas...over 4.4 million students!

20+ million EBSCO searches as of May 31st
2.7 EB searches (we haven't had it as long!)
ESC 20 Help desk 13,000 email messages

Outreach plans:
parents and administrators and community
some "training" videos- be on agenda for 10 minute...highlights
ESC20 instructional recipes

Information from ESC20 concerning the databases
Lesson plans etc. there are training sessions available...consult their calendar
20 minutes to 6 hours training time available to you? use these materials no matter the time!

By the way some info is available on TeacherTube--search TexShare

time to change gears!


Transforming TX Libraries - Julie Todaro

Briefly reminded about the big meeting that occurred in January
60-65% of the attendees were to be in the business under 5 years
A slogan that came out of it..What's the Big Idea? your idea for changing libraries.

the wiki's purpose:
provide plans for transforming in general
provide plans for transforming by type (and size)
provide content to re-purposed by transformers...interactive "clearinghouse"
provide a forum to share the big ideas ...some are a literacy guru, portal for content to go thru, statewide data, marketing/PR campaign (logo), p-16 literacy curriculum--seamless!

Before You Do Anything? go learn a few things!
Check out lots of other things on the right side bar! dinner speech, elevator speech, etc.

There is a space for YOUR Big Idea for transforming Libraries?...again on the right side bar of the wiki

How should a school librarian/school library administrator begin the transforming discussion for their library/libraries?

What content do you need in order to transform and get your "big ideas" for school libraries?

Group ideas
  • cards where students can give their ideas for transforming
  • The Transformer movie as a theme..maybe a prize
  • contest --design a transformation, either in print or as a video
  • A Day in the Life... video compare with that old video
  • A video from the kids' point of own thought ..isn't this like what TLA speaker Joyce Valenza had her kids do...MySpace/My Library click and take a look!
  • some groups saw it from the bigger picture...transforming the leadership--principals and other administrators
  • the issue of small schools/districts who do not have library administrators
  • need to share basic change strategies to help those who might need to start "smaller"
  • problem and solution video...
  • alignment and partnerships...
  • data might be a charting of the hits by month
  • mapping to the TEKS, TAKS
Closing the Gaps--how do we get people in (our Libraries)... and then out (of school) successfully. I really like this statement that Julie used.

a pretty good ..for the first one!

now onto more bonding over food later and then the late night discussions in the hospitality room...if I can make has been a long day

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