Monday, June 30, 2008

371.3 NECC08: Wonderful World of Wikis

Adam Frey, co-founder of Wikispaces and Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher
Here is the link to the information from the presentation
Overflowing room…people were standing against the wall...laptoppers were sitting all over the floor!
They set up a back channel for is place for participants to chat while they talk! Also , they took questions from the back channel crowd...more about back channeling in a future post when I get some info together!

Frey asked and hands were raised
50% of audience are teachers
About half never used a wiki and about half of that group don’t know what they are
They want to know what it is & how to start

1.Webpage with edit button
Standard..but can be changed
Removes barriers to publishing on the web

2.About history…every change is recorded
More open than closed usually (ours in my circle aren't really open...yet!)
There is a history tab to see all these changes

3. for groups essentially…collaboration for groups large and small
Ease of editing makes this possible discussion forums helps with communication

4. monitoring --see what is going on without going there
Can be emailed or rss subscription

5. easy!
If it is hard you won’t use…easy to start…no cost…doesn’t require email or signup
Doesn’t need fancy computers

Wikipedia…causes a bad feeling
Wikis don’t have to suffer same issues
Can be locked down or not, behind firewall or not

“Bring all things together”—glue in like a scrapbook…[I consider them a "parking lot" for information, resources]

Student accounts system easy from them…special stuff for teachers…

Vicki Davis

Project-based learning environment is where she works
Global projects examples

History tab records who is doing what...
In classroom her wikis are not open…students are protected

Wiki-centered classroom
She has outline online…she embeds student files on her wiki
Assignments and templates

Create a page and create template…under manage space
Better to name pages without spaces

She tags assignments “turning” –work to be graded.
The optional note box she has them use for more info about the assignment turn in, etc.

The bottom feeders can be tracked and they HAVE to participate…

Netvibes –uses this for her personal learning network…it is on atomic learning

Connect to the world…changed their world view

QUESTIONS/Back Channel

Override…two ppl editing…can be done, but you may not want to!
If same word is changed last one saved overrides

Edit wikipedia---how to do it responsibly

**Technopersonal skills are as important as interpersonal skills—administrators often ignore!

Lots of student monitoring—

Permission settings---manage space---permissions; protected can be viewed ; private only invited can see

Lock assignment pages...Vicki does work with administration to deal with technopersonal skill issue

Adam answered:
Blog— is journal format…opinion, 1st person writing
Wiki –evolving content due to changing..for facts, assignments collaboration tool…
kinder teacher who has numbers project (she also was awarded a prize by SIGMS for her project)


Vicki A. Davis said...

Thank you for taking such excellent notes and having such a nice outline of the session. Adam and I worked very hard to take it up a notch since last year and my hope is that many more wikis in the classroom will be birthed as teachers see what a friend they can be. It is great to see so many people interested in using this valuable tool and I hope to hear your story. How will you be using wikis? (Oh, and I'm sharing a link to your notes tomorrow morning on my blog!) Thanks again for coming to the session, it was a joy to see a full room -- I wish we could have gotten the stream up to send it out of the session.

Anonymous said...

Perfect!Great! This helped a lot! I've read a couple
rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped a bunch! I've read a few
rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.