Tuesday, July 1, 2008

371.3 NECC08: 2nd Keynote, David Warlick Again!, AND Alan November

I had some notes about the 2nd keynote address which was a interview by NBC news anchor Lester Holt, who talked with two teachers from Canada, Jim Carleton and Mali Bickley, who turned their teaching careers around and broadened the success of their students (especially with regards to global issues.) There were several great links to what they were doing. I have NO idea where they went! I think it may be when my laptop battery was running down and maybe I thought it was saving and it really wasn't--lame, I know but I have no other excuse...because poof, they are gone!

anyway...here is what I can reconstruct:

I knew about the website My Hero where kids can write about their personal heroes. Didn't know these teachers were behind the project. great 2.0 example for writing! Spanish language version

Children connecting Children

they told a very touching story about their students sending paper doves to a class in Japan to be shared at a peace celebration at the Hiroshima remberance site.

Zerofootprints kids zone

here is one blog posting about the event
more coverage

some background about the speakers

Some NBC 2.0 resources for students
i-Cue NBC News Learn


Our Students - Our World David Warlick

I like his way of thinking so much...and he delievers his thoughts so well!

His notes for the Presentation
The slides used during the presentation
(includes his Second Life avatar!)
Some more information and a very nice picture

some points that stood out for me:
we can not predict the future for our kids...why do we think the old way of teaching/learning will help them. we are predicting them for an unpredictable future.
Globalization is imminent (my thought: despite what some political feelings might be...the world is getting smaller and flatter and closer together) Engineer graduates: 43% in China, 5% in USA.
we are dealing with kids now who have no formative recollection of the 20th century and we insist on using 19th century education methods.
Personal learning networks; social networks--they get it, we don't
Gaming must be a part of learning
these students know how to communicate...in more "languages" than we think--what we have to do is teach them to use the appropriate language/communication skills at the right tme and right circumstances...i.e. there is nothing wrong with cell phone shrthand, but not in a resume; there is nothing wrong with informal speech in a personal blog post, but not in a job interview.
Students should be allowed to be content providers!

3-point Dave
Preparing for unpredicatable future
Networked students
New information landscape

Here is Warlick's view of NECC in an Animoto he uploaded to YouTube (no-won't show in district but most everyone is at home now!) His choice of music...you be the judge!

Yours truly is in that mass of humanity on the stairs!


Alan November

He didn't beat on the table like he did at TLA, but he still conveyed his message loud and clear. The only sad part...he was preaching to the choir! How I wish I could choose some audience members.

In one of the many side, informal conversations I had all week, I was asked if I could have one the 3 speakers -- Warlick, Johnson, or November come to speak to my circle of influence, who would I choose. THAT was a tough and thought-provoking ...because I can only pick one.

They each have their methods of delivery that draw me in; they each have clearly defined messages that reflect my thoughts and make my thoughts clearer to me. They are great story tellers and have great stories to make their points... ok, ok. Alan November...and I really think the table slap in April was the deciding factor. Oops, one more deciding factor--2 Cents and Blue Skunk are required daily reading fo me...and alas, i have not found a daily vehicle for November!

Stand-out statements from his presentation:

The whole story about taking his son to China, the boy's immediate networking back home with everyone but his teachers who turned down his offer to do "something" for the class...what were they thinking! how nuts was that!

In the 80s we thought by now technology would have transformed education

Ownership of learning belongs to the students

11-yr old in China speaks 5 languages...IM is standard business practice in Europe and Asia...it can be written in whole sentences!

In our efforts to protect our children, we are making them unemployable.

we underestimate what kids are capable of.

some online info


melscales said...

I liked the Animoto, but not the music. This from an old George Strait fan...

ArborVitae 2.0 said...

I luv your posts about EduBloggerCon & NECC. They are so informative that they allow me to learn even tho I wasn't in attendance. Thanks.